Staying on the move

I’m not someone who believes in horoscopes, but I do enjoy skimming them each morning as I read the day’s newspaper.

On Monday, I paused mid bite of my bagel to reread my sign’s horoscope: “For a wanderer, moving forward is a sign of success. You don’t always identify with this type, but right now there’s a benefit to staying on the move without a worry as to where you’re going.”

Japan books

It’s a horoscope I can relate to because we will soon be on the move again. In July, this family is picking up and moving halfway across the world to Tokyo, Japan. Wil has accepted a three year assignment at Yokota Air Base.

As a military spouse, I’m a bit of a reluctant wanderer. Good old Uncle Sam gets to decide when and where we move on and although we do get to make wish lists, the final decision is out of our hands. By nature, I’m more of a nester. Before marrying Wil, I happily lived in Columbus for eight years and was on track for building a long life there. Love, marriage and the Air Force permanently changed that path.

I’ve learned that change can be good for me. Our move to England led to a life abroad that expanded my horizons exponentially: I landed a job I loved; travelled far and wide; and gained friendships with people I never would have met if I’d stayed in Ohio. Returning to Ohio for Wil’s second and third assignments has been good, too: We had our son here and I’ve enjoyed staying home with him, watching him grow from an infant into a precocious 4-year-old. While in Dayton, we’ve been so fortunate to be within driving distance of both our families, both to share in our joys and to give solace in our sorrows. Our time here has also been blessed by meeting many dear friends.

But now it’s time to move on. I will miss this place dearly, but a part of me has already left. I’ve entered the adrenaline zone, when I get a pleasant buzz from thinking about our new life in a new place. My head is filled each day with thoughts of Japan. I may not think of myself as a wanderer, but when push comes to shove, I don’t really mind staying on the move. As a person, it means I keep getting a fresh perspective on life. As a writer, it means I keep getting fresh material. Keep your eyes on this space and travel with me as I move forward. I’m excited about where we’re going and hope you will be, too.