Be curious

I love that my job description can be summarized in two words: Be curious. As a journalist, I’m always out there learning something new. My first professional job was editing the weekly religion section and the monthly senior magazine of a county newspaper. For the next year, pastors, parishioners and the elderly opened up their lives to me, sharing what it meant to be a person of faith or someone experiencing life from a mature perspective. From there, I’ve gone on to work inside universities in the US and UK and to write for general-interest newspapers and magazines in Columbus and Dayton, Ohio. Whether I’m interviewing a world-renowned academic or a local hairstylist, I’ve found that learning their stories has made my own life richer. I couldn’t possibly be an expert on the many subjects I’ve covered during my career – the eclectic list is never-ending: nanotechnology, ballet, autism, ice skating, royalty, nutrition, sculpture, pensions, and so forth – but I take joy in sharing what I’ve learned and hope my readers take pleasure in the chance to learn alongside of me.